Collective Online Presencing for the UN Climate Change Conference

The UN climate summit starts next week in Madrid. This crucial meeting will take place from December 2 to 13, 2019, where further action of the international community on climate change will be negotiated. Much depends on it. Political leaders from around the world will come together. Thousands of civil society representatives are also meeting to support and network. Representatives from the field of Thomas Hübl are also present with the project "The Citizen is Present": Axel Perinchery, Martin Bruders, Sonia Herrero, Carmen Garcia, Susi Sanchez-Puga, Robin Alfred and Niko Alexander Schäpke.

What is the idea of Collective Online Presencing for the COP25?

Our intention is to support the process through deep listening and presence. We invite you to follow our love of life in all its facets and prepare for the conference. We want to create a strong group field of silence and contemplation. Just experience what is happening. It is a research project.


“Meditation is a process of mindfulness. As it deepens, meditation becomes a process of immersing oneself in an intelligence beyond separation and beyond the “others”. It is not only about more awareness or more silence, we also connect with the power of creation, with the real future that only appears in the present. This makes meditation powerful and wise.”  -Thomas Hübl-


How does it work in practice?

During the COP negotiation times we will open a zoom video conference room twice a day. You are invited to enter the room on the hour and sit in silence for 40 minutes.

From December 2 to 13 every day at 10 and 17 CET

Start Monday 2 December at 10 am CET

End on Friday, 13 December at 5 pm CET

That is in Sydney: 8 pm and 3 am

In London: 9 am and 4 pm

In New York: 4 am and 11am

In Los Angeles: 1 am and 8 am


Concrete guidelines 

·      The connection is possible via mobile phone / tablet / laptop:

·      Zoom-ID of the meeting: 9389360356 (For the first time at Zoom? Just follow the instructions)

·      Mute microphone, turn camera on or off

·      Participation as often as you like, alone or as a group

·      It costs nothing - all you have to do is connect using the zoom videoconferencing software (it's also free).


We will also connect with the representatives of The Citizen is Present who will be in Madrid from the 9th to 12th Dec. Presencing the online conferences provides an energetic support to presencing on site.

This is an opportunity for people all over our beautiful planet to lend their subtle, strong, caring voice to an issue that will deeply affect us all. 

For more information on collective online presencing contact Scott at: 

We look forward to sharing this space together. 


The COP Crew 

Scott Sligertwood, Niko Alexander Schäpke and others


The collective online presence will coincide with the upcoming Virtual Cave Meditation which will take place during December. Both initiatives have complementary intentions and are carried by our love for the sacred and our love for life, and for the world that is our home.

How you can combine both:

If you take part in a Zoom session, enter it as well in the calendar of the Cave Meditation! To make visible who is there strengthens the field. It's fun to scroll through the list of participants!

Enter you times here:

From December 2 to 13, dedicate the last ten minutes of your one-hour Cave Meditation session to the Climate Change Conference. Design it your way - and see what happens.


Reference: This informationis partly based on Ina Krause, Newsletter Thomas Hübl